Goldring has introduced Ethos SE – a special edition of its Ethos model. Ethos SE, according to Goldring, combines uncompromising engineering with unique new features to produce a cartridge with exquisite sound reproduction capabilities. Thanks to a raft of exclusive and carefully engineered upgrades, including pure silver coils, low reluctance pole shoes and a black anodised, aircraft-grade aluminium body. Goldring says that the Ethos SE sets entirely new standards of detail retrieval, channel separation and low colouration. Even when judged against cartridges costing more, this new special edition cartridge delivers an immersive, thrillingly complete musical experience, which has always been its ethos, says Goldring.

Key features at a glance

• New pure silver coils feature fewer windings with higher conductivity, reducing the effective tip mass and internal impedance of the pick-up for improved tracking and greater transient response.

• Low-mass cross-armature core made from Swedish iron improves channel separation and produces a more realistic soundstage.

• A vital line-contact diamond stylus features a narrow, low tip-mass, large contact area that enhances high-frequency response and minimises distortion and colouration.

• New low reluctance pole-shoes ensure smooth and extended frequency response via an exclusive process.

• Low-resonance, aircraft-grade aluminium body is selected for its low density and superior rigidity.

 New pure silver coils

 Reducing the effective tip mass of any phonograph pick-up will enhance its performance. The Ethos SE relies on Ag 9999 pure silver coil windings, which have very low internal resistance and lower mass because fewer windings are used. The coils, therefore, have a significantly lower mass than our standard copper windings. This means the Ethos SE can negotiate better or ‘track’ the record groove without losing contact. The upshot is a greater transient response, a reduction in resonance throughout the audio band and a flatter frequency response.

Low-mass cross-armature

By using high permeability Swedish iron in a low-mass cross-shape, rather than the conventional (and heavier) square alternative, Goldring says it improves channel separation and delivers an armature assembly that can produce an extraordinarily realistic stereo soundstage. High-frequency detail levels are improved, distortion is reduced and mis-tracking is eliminated.

Vital line-contact diamond stylus

 To retrieve the highest frequencies in a recording, Ethos SE uses a narrow, low tip-mass, large contact-area diamond stylus. This vital-shank, nude design has a polyhedral, line-contact diamond profile and is connected to the armature by a stiff yet lightweight alloy cantilever tube. So, as well as having a good high-frequency response, distortion, resonance and colouration are minimised.

GOL-1 generator

Originally developed during vinyl’s initial rise to ubiquity, the GOL-1 generator ensures a smooth and extended frequency response. It’s still handmade by Goldring. Exclusively for the SE version, the pole shoes have been subjected to a new process, which enhances the permeability of the metal, creating a lower reluctance magnetic circuit. This serves to flatten and extend the frequency response, especially in the upper registers where musical detail resides.

Aircraft aluminium body 

The GOL-1 generator is fitted into a precision-milled 6082-T6 aircraft-grade aluminium body shell. This material was carefully selected for its low density and superior rigidity – and thanks to its anodised black finish it’s as good-looking as it is durable.

The Goldring Ethos SE moving coil cartridge is available now and priced at £1,299 / €1,599 / $1,999

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