With its 100 Series range of integrated equipment, Focal is continuing its overtures to installers with the addition of two new products. For the very first time its including a built-in sub and matching amp in its line up, the 100 IWSUB8, along its dedicated amplifier, the 100 IWSUB8.

This new bass enclosure, specially designed for in-wall mounting, along with an amplifier have been created to deliver a unique ambiance and sound coverage, blending in with the chosen setting, says the maker. The products are the ideal add-on to a 100 Series audio-video setup, also providing strong value for money.

Inside the sound

Including an 8in Polyglass speaker driver and a front vent with a streamlined inner frame to guarantee no-noise operation, Focal 100 IWSUB8 high-power passive bass-reflex subwoofer can be installed during pre-construction of the walls using 16in OC studs.

With a shallow in-wall depth (33/8in), a high-quality bass reproduction (bass cut-off frequency: 30Hz to -6db) and covered with a low-profile magnetic grille, which can be painted. The 100 IWSUB8 has been developed a dedicated easy-install amplifier specially tailored for this subwoofer, that can also be rack-mounted if desired.

Capable of powering up to two subwoofers connected in parallel, it delivers 200W of power over 4ohms.

100 IWSUB8

Key Points

• Bass-reflex subwoofer with 30Hz low-cut frequency

• Low depth fitting 16in OC studs in-wall installation

• Nominal impedance of 8 ohms, able to be connected by pairs with 100 IWSUB8 Amplifier


Key points

• Peak power 200W, continuous power 150W under 4Ώ

• Amplifier able to drive 2 x 100 IWSUB8 subwoofers connected in parallel

• High-level electronic protection

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