Exertis, a leading distributor of technology products for the B2B, enterprise, mobile and retail markets announced an agreement with Nura, a consumer electronics company, designing and manufacturing headphones with personalised sound technology, in aid of the Premium Audio Range.

Nuraphone headphones provide a unique experience by adapting sound output according to the user’s individual hearing profile. Carl Eagle, Exertis, audio, general manager, comments, “We are delighted to be adding the Nuraphone and NuraLoop products to our premium audio range. These are truly unique products that automatically learn and adapt to your own hearing, providing a fantastic, personalised sound experience.”

Carl continues, “In a crowded headphone and earbud market, they offer something different which will appeal to audiophiles who seek a vibrant, crystal-clear performance but at an affordable price.”

The Nuraphone uses soundwave technology, measuring hearing in just 60 seconds with six sensitive microphones which learns the user’s hearing profile, adapting to match their listening patterns.

The Nura products host a self-learning engine that automatically measures your hearing by monitoring otoacoustic emissions – no need to take a ‘can you hear this?’ test. Nura uses this information to adapt the sound to perfectly match hearing and bring music into sharp focus. The learning process takes only about a minute and is performed using a companion app available for free on iOS and Android.

The test measures response to a range of frequencies, from low to high and the in-built engine uses this information to create a unique profile, remembering and storing the listening profile in the headphone through the app.

Once personalised, a profile is stored on the Nura product, delivering your perfect sound from any music source. You can store up to three unique profiles so you can share and compare with your friends.

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