Starting Friday February 12, these two three-day courses are the top available training for video calibration.

Get the Picture with ISF’s TV Calibration

Educating clients is the key to success in HDTV. ISF calibrators use test patterns and instrumentation to demonstrate, sell, and maintain video devices.

With ‘High Fidelity Video’ demos and periodic calibration services, ISF calibrators are the definable video professionals.

ISF certification is now a three-day course for new attendees.

HDTV manufacturers have implemented advances like 3D colour management utilities, multiple video processing engines, multiple point RGB Gamma options, HDMI/HDCP/EEDID test capability and many other multiple 21st century advances.

New ISF calibration guided software is now featured in all trainings.

ISF manufacturing partners have advanced HDTV calibration capability so CEDIA has now launched its LEVEL II training for advanced calibration to take advantage of these new features.

All sessions will now incorporate LEVEL II trainings for ISF certification.

This training takes place at Sony Benelux in Amsterdam, near Schiphol Airport, and is worth 10 CEUs. The course is three days long.

Try the THX Video Calibration Trainin


THX Certified Video Calibration 1 is a one-day introductory course designed for those looking to join the ranks of professional calibrators.

THX Certified Video Calibration 2 is the industry’s most hands-on training available for video calibration professionals today.

This course is geared to advanced students who have already completed THX Video Calibration 1 or an equivalent calibration course recognised by THX.

With two full days of hands-on laboratory instruction, candidates will gain an in-depth understanding of video calibration techniques using a variety of video testing and calibration instruments.

This training takes place at Holiday Inn, RAI in Amsterdam and is worth 16 CEUs. The course is three days long.

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