CECOCECO, an innovator in the lighting and display industry, has announced ArtMorph, a luminous wall panel that combines advanced lighting and display technology with captivating textures. 

ArtMorph is designed to seamlessly integrate into diverse environments including, retail, cultural and public spaces, restaurants, hotels, offices and more.

Key features of ArtMorph include over 150 texture collections, high-resolution LED, boasting 25,600 pixels per sqm or 2,378 pixels per sqft, unique and patented designs, ArtMorph’s control system bridges the gap between complex LED operations and user-friendly interfaces, and hassle-free installation

With its adaptive LED colours, it ensures seamless colour transitions. Notably, at a brightness level of 700 nits when covered, ArtMorph reportedly surpasses its competition by offering three times the illumination. Its robustness is evident with features like an IP54 rating, fire resistance and a scratch-resistant surface.

ArtMorph prides itself on an intuitive installation process and an effortlessly user-friendly control system. Users of any technical proficiency can confidently manage and customise their displays, cementing ArtMorph as the go-to choice for a wide range of individuals. 

CECOCECO further simplifies the ArtMorph experience by connecting users directly with certified installers, ensuring a seamless transition from purchase to installation.

“ArtMorph is not just a product; it’s a revolution in how we experience and interact with spaces. We’ve meticulously combined the essence of aesthetics with cutting-edge technology to redefine visual storytelling. With ArtMorph, every wall becomes a canvas and every room a story. Our commitment at CECOCECO has always been to push boundaries, and with ArtMorph, we believe we’re setting a new benchmark for the future,” says Jason Lu, founder of CECOCECO.

ArtMorph is currently on display at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York and will be showcased at Chatsworth in Los Angeles starting this November. 

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