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Install company Life Emotions has been celebrating its recent win at the CEDIA Awards 2017, where the company picked up the wins the ‘Best Media Room Level II £20,000 – £80,000’.

The awards took place at the impressive Warner Bros Studios – The Making of Harry Potter, where guests were able to experience all the magic of one of the most successful film franchises of all time, as well as witness which companies came out on top at the awards.

Life Emotions’ win was secured by the complexity of project execution, technical excellence and alliance with aesthetics and interior design.

The aim of the winning Life Emotions project was to create a ‘cool room to play music and watch football’ and the company certainly achieved that. The room boasts a top-quality DJ system, that also functions as a source to every space of the house (outdoor, bedrooms, gym and library).

Life Emotions designed a DJ station which delivers all the control and fun the client wanted, whilst also linking directly with the main AV rack for the property. The room was also equipped with a 4K TV for Apple TV, Macbook and TV Box, as well, state-of-the-art network for video conference and streaming contents (Netflix, Spotify and Tidal).

Banging out the tunes, also meant the acoustic treatment and isolation of the room was one of the top priorities. At the beginning of the project Life Emotions visited the house to carry out acoustic tests and recommend changes of the room in terms of layout and size as well as the installation of two acoustic panels on wall.

The panel is made of two parts and each part can be rotated in different directions so that a uniform, omnidirectional scattering of sound is achieved with particularly effective diffusion of mid and high frequency. The panel’s attractive appearance makes it suitable for use in a range of settings.

A HVAC system was also installed on the front wall with a large grill to reduce the noise and a Basalte Deseo to control it. Instead of two on-wall controllers, Life Emotions installed only one delivering attractive control for lights and temperature control. The HVAC control is also included on a Savant system thought a KNX interface.

Michelle and Joel Reis, co-founders of Life Emotions (centre) pick up their award from Harry Potter actor, Warwick Davis

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