B-Tech AV Mounts has announced a new eco-partnership agreement with provider of dvLED display solutions, Absen

Until recently, B-Tech has collaborated with Absen on projects and events in an unofficial capacity, but have now expanded the scope of cooperation that will bring a benefit to both brands and their respective customers.

Both parties agree to adopt a collaborative approach to their technical, sales and marketing activities to elevate the display industry and enable customers easy access to compatible products. 

Absen enjoys a reputation for high-quality, reliable products, a global presence and full-service capabilities, and has seen the company supply products for more than 50,000 installations in over 140 countries. 

B-Tech, meanwhile has developed a comprehensive and adaptable dvLED mounting system, allowing support solutions for Absen’s product lineup to be configured and supplied at pace, from multiple stocked locations around the world.  

Already the partnership has led B-Tech to launch a series of mounting solutions designed specifically for some of Absen’s most popular product lines, including all variations of Acclaim (A27), Clear Cobalt (CL) and the Absenicon series of all-in-one displays, including the 21:9 and 32:9 ultrawide variations. 

With each brand operating from multiple locations worldwide and a closely matching distribution network, customers have reassurance of the availability of suitable, easy-to-install Absen-specific mounting solutions that can be quickly adapted should project parameters unexpectedly change.

Options for wall-mounting and for freestanding, mobile and bolt-down stands are available off-the-shelf, whilst curved or more complex projects can be quickly configured, potentially in just a few hours thanks to two-way sharing of information between B-Tech and Absen’s technical teams.

European LED Industry Development Director, Darren Banks commented, “We are thrilled to join forces with B-Tech AV Mounts and create a powerful alliance that will make Absen LED displays more readily available for our customers. This collaboration will enable us to simplify the process of choosing the correct mounting or trolley solution for our customers’ projects and create opportunities for growth and success.” 

B-Tech AV Mounts Managing Director UK, Mark Walker added, “We are very excited to formalise what has already been a fantastic partnership with Absen, allowing closer collaboration of ideas and best practice to give the most seamless and user-friendly installations possible. With our shared focus on product quality, user experience and best in class support for our distribution and reseller partners, we can both offer truly local support on a global scale.” 

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