Redline and Artison: Soundbar Superstars!

The humble soundbar has come a long way since its introduction to the market with products from brands such as Artison increasing in relevance year on year, says Redline Distribution.  

The demand for high-quality audio to boost large screen TV performance, while not comprising aesthetics, has certainly created a sector all of its own and for its part Redline has been highlighting the advantages offered by Artison brand.  

Redline says it has been working with Artison since 2003 and nearly 18 years of experience has taught the company just how good this speaker brand is at creating high-performance audio products that are easy to install.

Becoming part of the Savant family in 2017, the brand has continued to deliver quality products that support home cinema and music playback.

Combined with the own in-house expertise of Redline and some innovative approaches from the brand, the distributor argues that Artison does not just deliver great audio, but installation and aesthetic advantages as well.

Custom Width Soundbar Dispatched In 48 Hours!

Creating a bespoke finish for customers puts your services on another level, so this special aspect of the Artison proposition is one Redline is particularly keen to underline.

Starting out with choosing a soundbar model (available in 39in, 46in, 55in, 65in) the company can create a product that precisely matches the TV it is to be partnered with.

All that is needed is the brand and model of the of the TV (going all the way up to 85in) and the process can begin. Having a black or white standard colour grille to match the dimensions of the TV being matched to means Redline can create the product had have it despatched in just 48 hours.  

The reason we can turn this around so fast is that Redline is authorised by Artison to custom make the grilles here in the UK. No need to waste money with International Express Couriers!

The soundbar will not just precisely match the width of the TV, but Redline also takes care to cut all the ‘Under TV’ details into the grille (IR, Badge, Button placement etc..) so it always fits flush with the bottom of the TV.

Important to note here that the soundbar can be mounted to either the wall or by fastening securely to the display’s VESA mounts with Artison’s fully adjustable brackets. If the TV is fitted to an articulating bracket, the soundbar should attach to the TV so the sound moves with the picture.

There are other advantages here in terms of longevity. As customers change their TVs more often to keep up with all the latest image and smart technologies, resolutions and screen sizes, you do not need to replace the soundbar.

Just let Redline know the new TV model and the team can create a new grille that will deliver the same level of bespoke finish ‘without’ having to change the actual soundbar. A cost efficient and practical way to upgrade. The brackets are fully re-usable as well.  

The opportunities do not end there, all the Artison soundbar grilles can also come in a bespoke colour using the Redline Custom Colour Cloth Printing service. This adds some extra cost and time to the process, but of course does add that extra level of luxury and value.

The colour match printing normally takes 10 days from when the customer chooses a colour from the colour match book and the order is placed. With the present COVID 19 situation, delivery times have varied a little recently, so best to check with Redline on each order.

Before going ahead with the full-print, Redline can also provide a sample print to double check the colour works in the space.

Redline Distribution

Choosing the right high-quality Artison soundbar

There are multiple configurations available. Installers can pick the smallest soundbar and Redline will make a long grille to meet the TVs dimensions or choose the longest soundbar that fits under the TV and the team will make the grille to match from there.

Selecting the widest one will offer the best performance. The reason for this is simple, a bigger cabinet has more air space behind the baffle. There are also higher quality tweeters on the larger models.

The jump from 39in to 46in adds additional bass mid-drivers for the left and right. Going from 55in to 65in adds an additional two centre channel bass-mid drivers. Also, the wider the model, the wider the dispersion pattern offering a bigger sound to fill larger spaces.

However, Redline underlines that it is important to remember that all the soundbars in the range offer good quality. They all feature end mounted tweeters to deliver HF audio at a 45° rear facing angle. This bounces off the back wall and adds to the image width produced by the forward firing drivers. Redline argues that even the smallest Soundbar 39 sounds phenomenal.

So, if the project does not necessarily need the very highest audio quality, the space is small or there is a cost restriction, Redline says it can still create that custom grille to match perfectly the make and model of TV. A great way to still win the business when obstacles might mean the budget goes elsewhere.

Other reasons to choose Artison soundbars include the build quality and attention to detail the brand always delivers. The entire range is constructed from high grade Aluminium and not cheap MDF. All the models have carbon fibre bass-mid drivers and high-quality Vifa tweeters.

The audio inputs centred at the rear of the product for easy wire routing and connection and the gold-plated spring connectors ensure a secure connection that will last for the life of the installation.

Artison Soundbar
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