On EI’s recent trip to Dynaudio HQ, which incidentally you can read about here and here, an unexpected discovery was a programme Dynaudio calls Unheard which gives a chance to unsigned artists to have their music turned into a professionally produced demo.

The company then provides awareness via its on-line presence including You-Tube.

Now no doubt this initiative provides some very good PR for the company, but even taking that into account, it a really laudable aim on behalf of Dynaudio to give a voice to unsigned artists and represents a considerable investment as the company has built it very own mobile professional level recording studio out of a disused transport container!

It’s no DIY half-way house either, its fully loaded with professional studio equipment and top technicians to make it all happen.

The idea behind the scheme is part of the company’s 40th anniversary and grew from a desire to want to put something back into the art form that is the bedrock of what drives the company.

Dynaudio says stats show that of those who identify themselves as a musicians, 91% are un-signed, so they need an audience, a chance to be heard and that is what this is all about.

Its also a sobering stat that the top one per cent of artists earn 77% cent of all record-industry income, so widening the opportunities for the un-signed majority is no bad thing.

Recording on the run

So, this Dynaudio created high-end music studio goes around the globe, sets up, people apply, they get recorded and have a film and professionally produced recording created all absolutely free for use on their own platforms of for demo purposes.

Each artist gets 60 minutes of free recording time with award-winning producer Ashley Shepherd.

One of the first events the studio showed up to was at Smukfest, one of Denmark’s biggest outdoor music festivals – just down the road from the company’s factory in Skanderborg.

The Dynaudio Unheard studio nestled among the trees, and welcomed 15 new, exciting and upcoming bands over the week-long event. One of the sessions EI really liked from this event can be seen below.

Another cool event was entitled the Desert Sessions, the official vlog for that can also be seen below. EI will keep its ear to the ground and let readers know where the unheard studio will pop up next.

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