CAVD Delivers Dynamic Dynaudio Showroom

Dynaudio, Playing Back As The Director Intended In CAVD’s Cinema One

Wayne Hyde, Technical, Sales & Marketing Support at CAVD, says, “Achieving a movie experience that gives you a sense of ‘as the director intended’ doesn’t normally come cheap in our industry. However, at CAVD we’ve cracked it! The four-seater demonstration cinema in Marlow has been refitted with a new product suite that delivers incredible performance vs. cost. A package that we believe will benefit installers and their clients immensely.”

Wayne continues, “Headlining the show, we have a 7.1.4 Dynaudio Studio Series speaker system. Known for use across thousands of recording, broadcast and movie mixing studios around the world, the signature sound of Dynaudio is present across all of their speaker models.”

CAVD points out that the latest Tom Cruise blockbuster Maverick was mixed on professional Dynaudio Core series speakers. So, playing the movie back at CAVD should bring the action and cliff-hanging suspension fully to life. Wayne argues, “In fact, any content from streaming, downloads, in stereo or Dolby Atmos has a timbre and presentation that sounds real and authentic. The suspension of disbelief is palpable!”

EI would have to say that he is not wrong. On a recent visit, part of what has become a comprehensive circuit of many recently enhanced or created showroom spaces, the room really impresses. EI was treated to a wide choice of move and music playback ranging from the newest Hollywood movies to concert footage from the likes of AC/DC at River Plate, all the way through to obscure YouTube videos of UK festival legends Osric Tentacles. The system coped with them all very well, and for the price point, it’s well worth a look. There is more to come from the company on the demo front in the near future, but the team is keeping details under wraps for now.”

Supporting the speaker system there’s processing and amplification from AudioControl, and projection from JVC and Screen Excellence. Wayne says the system price even includes full calibration services (subject to T&Cs) so that the dealer delivers every detail to the client.

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