TP Vision has announced a new partnership with legendary global football team, FC Barcelona, as a main partner for TV, display and audio devices. The partnership will promote TP Vision’s range of TVs and audio products and will highlight the company’s original Ambilight TV technology – and its unique ability to turn regular TV into an immersive viewing experience simply like no other, says the maker.

As one of the club’s three main partners, Ambilight TV will appear on the sleeve of the men’s first team football shirt from 28 May to coincide with the final matches of the 2022/23 season. Ambilight TV will be prominently displayed inside the stadium and to viewers at home. Key players from the men’s and women’s first team football squads will also be invited to experience the product range first hand – and in particular the unique Philips Ambilight TV proposition – in order to become ambassadors for the brand. TP Vision will also, as a main partner of the club, play an important role as TV and display provider for the audio-visual infrastructure of the new Spotify Camp Nou, currently on course to become the largest and most innovative sports venue in Europe. The agreement also grants TP Vision association rights with the masculine and feminine football first teams as well as with the other professional sports teams of the Club.

The collaboration between TP Vision and FC Barcelona is part of both organisations strategy to proactively seek partners who share the same values and philosophy and that can combine to enhance both club and company’s reputation for being the very best in their respective fields.

TP Vision and FC Barcelona share a vision of taking sporting events beyond the ordinary by creating an spectacle for fans wherever they are. FC Barcelona proudly claims to be ‘More than a club’, while TP Vision offers Ambilight TV as ‘More than a TV’ to the consumer.

Philips Ambilight TV’s feature rows of integrated coloured LEDs in strips along the rear edges of the set that project an ever-changing halo of light – precisely matching the on-screen image on to the wall behind. Ambilight gives the impression of a larger, better TV image that extends beyond the physical boundaries of the set, with the set appearing to be floating rather than fixed on the wall.

The benefit of a halo of ‘bias’ lighting has long been established in the movie world but TP Vision’s own research has shown that the added sophistication of Ambilight can extend the enhancement to sport and is particularly successful with football.

The partnership will introduce Ambilight TV to many of FC Barcelona’s audiences and allows all sports fans the potential to recreate the unique experience and spectacle of a live match in the Spotify Nou Camp on their Philips TV at home.

Kostas Vouzas, CEO, TP Vision (Philips TV and Sound Europe and Americas) says, “We are delighted to be able to partner with such a true global sporting icon as FC Barcelona. This new partnership is a natural fit as both our organisations seek to extend our offering far beyond the ordinary, each treating our fans to a unique experience, live and at home. Millions of consumers are already enjoying our unique Ambilight Televisions in their homes and as part of our strategy, this long-term partnership with FC Barcelona will elevate the fantastic Ambilight TV experience to the level it truly deserves.”

Commenting on behalf of FC Barcelona, Juli Guiu, Vice President Marketing says, “We are very proud to welcome TP Vision as a new Main Partner of FC Barcelona. Barça has always stood out for its committed quest for excellence, both on and off the field of play, and this agreement is another successful example of this because we are partnering with a world-leading company in the field of electronics and audio-visual technology. A giant step in FC Barcelona’s commercial strategy in association with a multinational that, thanks to its Ambilight TV innovation, has turned the match experience into a captivating and extremely satisfying journey for millions of fans who follow football from their homes.”

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