A quick-and-easy upgrade to new Luma x20 surveillance cameras from Snap One recently delivered a better view of the action in and around a luxury 6,000-square-foot residence.

The primary task of any security camera is keeping a close eye on a home, property and loved ones. Some cameras, as one homeowner found out, are a better fit for certain installations than others. 

It wasn’t until after the integration team at Jennings AV had finished pre-wiring the luxury 6,000-square-foot residence for smart technology and installed a dozen surveillance cameras, plus a host of other gear, that the homeowner was considering an upgraded camera system.

Although the cameras were high quality, the owner just found them somewhat challenging to interact with. “He found it difficult to access specific parts of the camera footage to check on things while travelling or to see who had pulled into the driveway, for example,” said Jennings AV Owner Barry Jennings. “It wasn’t exactly as smooth and as easy as he was expecting, and he’d hoped we could find a more user-friendly replacement.” 

A new-and-improved version of the home’s original camera system had just launched and was available to systems integrators via Snap One, Jennings AV’s primary supplier of smart-home products. 

This newest generation of Luma surveillance cameras, the x20 series, would raise the bar considerably with features like artificial intelligence to discern between vehicles and humans, enhanced detection, notifications and more options to view live and recorded footage, including automatic video streaming to the home’s Control4 touchpanels and Luma View mobile app. 

It all added up to the perfect remedy for a client who was feeling somewhat powerless over his home’s surveillance system. So just as the smart-home project was coming to a close, Jennings AV did a complete redo of the surveillance system. “We weren’t about to walk away with an unhappy client, and knew that Snap One had our backs with the new-and-improved x20 Luma cameras,” Barry said. 

The proper cabling was already in place and a host of other smart systems had been installed and programmed, so swapping the original cameras for the x20 models, adding three more cameras and integrating them with the home’s Control4 automation system was a cinch, according to Barry. 

Further streamlining the process is the Luma x20’s seamless integration with Snap One’s remote monitoring platform, OvrC. “With the owner’s authorization we could configure the settings of each camera and customise controls for the owner on the fly, without having to physically be on the jobsite,” Barry explained. 

Now that the new camera system is set, the owner never wonders where the dogs are, if the kids are okay or who pulled into the driveway. He knows exactly what’s happening at home, the second it happens. 

The Luma x20 cameras push instant notifications to his mobile device with options to view images live or as individual snapshots. Portions of the video where motion was detected are tagged, so the owner can quickly find and review the most important parts of the footage rather than scrolling endlessly through recorded video. 

The owner can view thumbnails or live video from a single camera, a group of cameras or all 15 Jennings AV-created custom buttons on the Luma View mobile app to streamline the process. 

Certainly, the next-gen features of the Luma x20 surveillance cameras were central to the success of this smart-home project. But it’s the quick and easy access to Snap One’s extensive lineup of interoperable smart-home solutions that helped Jennings AV turn the project around quickly. 

Within just a few days, the owner had a surveillance system he felt comfortable using, provided the level of protection he expected, and operated seamlessly with other smart systems in the house.  

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