Rako lighting transforms luxury London apartment

When the homeowner initially moved into this property there was no smart lighting control system installed, just simple rocker switches. Keen to have greater control over the lighting, install and control automated blinds, whilst creating mood lighting scenes that would complement the luxury specification of the apartment, Rako was selected as the perfect lighting control partner. 

Interior design specialist Emilie Dufva Barreca was enlisted to curate the interior design throughout the apartment with the homeowner’s brief to create a space ‘to be lived in’. 

Natural materials, including wood and leather provide a comfortable, inviting home that is further enhanced by the lighting design. With low level, indirect lighting crafted into the skirting boards and under the windowsills around the apartment, greater flexibility is provided for lighting scenes creating a warm ambience across all rooms. 

The lighting design also incorporates coffer lighting, table lamps, downlights and a number of picture lights highlighting original artwork, with a striking bespoke pendant fitting spanning more than two metres over the dining table. 

Originally installed in 2017, Rako’s wireless system was specified as the small wireless modules are a great solution where installation space is limited as they could be easily distributed across the apartment, behind light fittings and in the ceiling. 

In late 2020 the apartment underwent a further refurbishment after experiencing construction issues. With the Rako wireless system already installed, the homeowner was able to utilise these existing modules whilst adding additional circuits to the system and upgrading from Rako’s Classic keypads to the elegant, all metal EOS keypads in mirrored stainless steel to complement the interior design. 

The ability to add more circuits of lighting and freestanding lamps to the Rako system is a real benefit and demonstrates the flexibility of the system. 

“I am an advocate for Rako, it’s so simple to use, it just works! I like the fact that everything can be controlled from one place, whether that’s from a keypad or the app. I love the ‘All Off’ and ‘Whole House’ features too as it means I can turn everything off from one button when I leave the apartment or from the bedside without having to go round and turn each individual light off. The fact that I can also have remote control of my Rako system when I’m away from home is a fantastic benefit. I am keen to support a British company like Rako, the service I have received from them has always been great. I like the familiarity of Rako and have specified the system across other projects that I am working on.”

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