UPDATE: How I Survived The Everest Avalanche, In My Own Words

Fibaro Climber Survives Everest Avalanche

Fibaro will be launching and celebrating the Fibaro Mount Everest Challenge at ISE with a number of exciting events under the banner of ‘From Amsterdam to the Top’.

Last year, mountain climber Mariusz Malkowski remotely controlled home automation devices from the top of Cho Oyu, the sixth- highest mountain in the world.

This year Mariusz will be going even further by climbing to the summit of Mount Everest, Earth’s highest mountain, over 29,000 feet above sea-level, where he will be controlling Fibaro devices and other Z-Wave powered devices located on the other side of the globe in Las Vegas.

Mariusz is a 40-year-old technical services manager at Sigma Designs, a member of the 300-member Z-Wave Alliance.

For the Fibaro Challenge, Mariusz will be climbing Mount Everest alone, with no porters and no supplemental oxygen.

He is scheduled to begin his ascent on April 4 and will conclude his descent in May.

A possible live connection is planned for ISC West in Las Vegas with a broadcast of the demonstration (although variables such as weather and health could alter the date of this broadcast).

Using only his smartphone for the demonstration from the Everest summit, Mariusz will control various home automation scenes featuring a number of Z-Wave powered devices, including Fibaro devices.

From the ISE pressroom, journalists will be able to remotely control Fibaro devices in Poland, the United States and United Kingdom and can participate in a meet and greet with Mariusz.

Also coinciding with the ISE Amsterdam activities will be the launch of a new Fibaro Mount Everest Challenge Facebook page and a new website page.

Visitors to these interactive and informative pages will be invited to ‘help Mariusz prepare his home and backpack for the trip’.

An application on these pages will allow users to do things like: lock the doors in Mariusz’ home, turn off the electricity and turn off the lights and the water.

Stay tuned this Spring for CE Pro Europe’s exclusive coverage of this exciting project.

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