From December in the UK and Ireland, Enado will be available exclusively through OneAV.

Enado, a Birmingham based firm began several years ago with a vision to create an affordable, flexible and simple operating system/brain for the modern home – the intelligence and control behind the true ‘smart home’. Enado’s founder, Adam Kent, with many years of experience in home automation systems, identified that the home was the ‘equivalent of a dinosaur’ in technological development compared to other products.

Enado allows users to connect and control a myriad of devices and systems both within the office, home and remotely, providing the opportunity to not only control but also monitor and adjust. Offering one common software platform with no need to download apps.

Enado the brain in the home, facilitates superior control of your product or service through a simple touch screen interface that runs on any web-enabled device, smartphone or tablet, regardless of operating system or manufacturer. Partners can not only offer products that can be controlled simply, but they can also integrate their product via Enado with the cloud to deliver information and messages as required. Utilities, ISP, Telecoms, Media, Set-top boxes, Heating, Climate, Lighting, Energy, Appliances can all be seamlessly integrated individually or part of an ever-expanding ecosystem.

James Trumper, Director of OneAV comments on Enado: “We are asked on a regular basis by our customers which control system is the best to use with the solutions we supply. Until meeting the team at Enado, it has always been a difficult recommendation! Is the installation residential or commercial, what level of control do you want to provide your customer, what is their budget etc. Now OneAV is able to recommend and supply Enado, a solution that can control almost every connected device at a price that just cannot be beaten within the market. We have worked closely with Enado to ensure that products like HDANYWHERE and Just Add Power are seamlessly integrated and deliver full integration with their unique features such as HDA IP>IR system.”

Introducing the Enado Mini-S that is 7x faster than the model preceding it, Enado Ltd has recently released this new controller. Also released is a range of EnLink devices allowing for legacy RS232, IR control and learning, both offering DC-powered or POE capability. The Enado Mini-S has been updated to support all Just Add Power AV-over-IP devices and HDANYWHERE MHUB’s with direct addressable IP>IR. The Mini-S natively enables control of a myriad of IP devices and includes two enabled USB-serial ports.

Adam Kent CEO of Enado Ltd comments: “I am delighted that here at Enado, we now have our own hardware solutions, the new Mini-S opens up huge opportunities for installers for Commercial and Residential Automation, aside from its incredible speed, it also has the most advanced integration with Amazon Alexa and Siri. Of unique interest is our belief that it is also the only control solution that can operate natively from a Tesla touch screen. Enado is not device-specific and can operate on any client that runs a web page, this includes iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Windows, and Tesla, making it ideal for both corporate control and smart home. The ability to configure the system easily using a web browser either on-site or remotely makes needless truck rolls a thing of the past.”

Enado is available for immediate shipping from OneAV. 

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