Monior Audio is showcasing a selection of exciting new products at EI Live! 2018. That includes the new premium CI Grille and the new CLG-W10, a passive sub-woofer system designed to deliver superior sound in outdoor environments.

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The compact design is designed to make the CLG-W10 extremely versatile and is optimised to provide the system designer with an increased number of installation options, says the maker.

CLG-W12 incorporates an internally loaded 12in C-CAM driver which sits in a waterproof rotationally-moulded polymer enclosure buried below the garden surface, only the CLG-W12’s domed output port is visible.

From this ‘chimney’ the maker says powerfully taut bass frequencies will join the clean mids and highs of the surrounding CLG140 satellites for punchy and articulate full-range garden sound.

The CLG-W12 can be powered from a single amplifier channel at 4 ohms, with its 70/100 V line option recommended for cable runs over 10m (30ft) and for adding subwoofers to the system. In this line configuration, the CLG140 satellites are daisy-chained to the CLG-W12, one after the other, up to a recommended maximum of twelve per subwoofer. System expansion to larger garden spaces involves the addition of amplifier channels, subwoofers and satellites.

In the simplest designs, satellites are connected in a mono configuration to one amplifier channel, the other channel powering the subwoofer. The use of a stereo power amplifier with 70/100volt line capability and crossover features will allow the adjustment of levels between bass and mid-high range. Alternatively, the system can be designed to provide stereo operation by adding elements to create left/right zones.

Monitor Audio says that when installed the Climate Garden System delivers a smooth, wide-open and controlled frequency response from 30 Hz to 30 kHz in the targeted environment. For patio or deck applications, the CLG-W12 will install within a planter box to enhance Monitor Audio’s CL Series all-weather cabinet speakers.

Also getting a UK show debut is the new Vecta range of architectural speakers which can be installed both inside and outdoors.

Described as stylish, compact and versatile, the Monitor Audio Vecta V240 speaker combines architectural aesthetics with innovation and the quality professional audio performance that the company is known for.

Vectoring in

The Vecta V240 offers versatility and simple installation. Using specially designed brackets and a single point automatic connection system, Vecta can be quickly and easily mounted horizontally or vertically. Installers fix the bracket to the wall, and then simply drop the speaker in place and secure with a single screw.

Not only does this installation method save time, but it also simplifies the complexity of installing speakers at height or at difficult angles. An automatic connection system means that the install is sleek, with no wires visible.

Vecta can also be angled by 25°or tilted a further 32.5° (using the optional wedge) to direct the audio to the desired location.

When installing speakers outside, a different approach is required, as these systems need to be capable of delivering a quality audio standard in external conditions and locations.

For the Vecta V240, Monitor Audio has mounted dual 4in C-CAM metal cone drives to the curved baffle to ensure a controlled sound field is delivered.

This minimises ceiling or wall reflections when mounted under eaves or in a corner, while still being wide enough for superior coverage when wall-mounted. The centrally mounted Gold C-CAM tweeter is horn loaded to make sure dispersion at the crossover point matches the mid-range, providing a smooth off axis frequency response.

Developed with a curved tapered back cabinet in black or white, the Vecta V240 is created to blend under eaves or in vertical corners. The speakers are cased in a high-density ABS enclosure with rust proof grille that is designed to withstand extreme environmental exposure.

The completely sealed box cabinet is free from air noise or potential ingress of water and dirt, which helps to maintain the IP55 environmental protection rating.

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