Built for the CI market, Monitor Audio’s new CW Series of active subs comprise the compact CW8 and CW10, which will be available in July.

Engineered for control in operation, bass quality and concealment in-room, the bijou CW8 and CW10 cubes are optimised to deliver bass frequencies to music and AV systems from behind furniture.

Their compact 18mm MDF cubic cabinets with regular 25.5cm (CW8) and 30cm (CW10) dimensions incorporate no fewer than three robust, similarly-sized C-CAM drivers: 8in (CW8) and 10in (CW10). Each system array comprises an active high-excursion drive unit powered and trimmed by potent DSP-tuned amplification, together with twin side-mounted ABRs.

For each system, proprietary DSP control software regulates the output from an integrated 400W Class-D amplifier, which is said to keep distortion within very low limits, even when the systems are driven hard.

Each bass-engine is specified with custom installation in mind, providing versatile input and control options including RS232 and a dedicated ‘SubConnect’ PC applet via a wired USB interface.

Panel inputs include stereo RCA (mainly for two-channel applications), unbalanced RCA or balanced (XLR) LFE connections and a 12v power trigger (for connection to an AVR with this feature). RS-232 provides integration with third party system control, and a list of codes is provided to enable programming.

Panel controls include four pre-set buttons factory-calibrated to provide optimum contours for music, movie, flat and impact.

The limits of each parametric function can be adjusted in the ‘SubConnect’ PC Applet (available as a download from monitoraudio.co.uk) to provide user pre-sets.

Via the Applet each input can in addition be assigned a different set of values and features to accommodate for instance, systems with different output levels.

Auto input signal sensing is possible, with the off time adjustable in the Applet.


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