Installation Of The Month: iCubed Creates The Ultimate Flexi-Cinema

iCubed Home Cinema has been crowned the installation of the month by Artcoustic, after the installation company created the ultimate flex-cinema.

Artcoustic has been working with installation firms for quite some time to recognise the best installations using its technology. The latest project composed of a flexible system offering a discrete TV system for during the day, with a drop-down projector screen coming into play for all the important evenings of movies and sporting events.

While the visuals from the project-based system and TV will be an important aspect of this installation, the reason for its win is that sound has really been put at the heart of the project.

Artcoustic’s SL 12-6 speakers are used for the left and right channels, with a technically matching HSPL Soundbar used for the centre channel and built discretely into the low-level cabinetry. Two Performance PS2 Subwoofers are also built into the cabinets, and deliver a punchy, deep bass for the system. SL4-2 and Architect SL 4-2 complete this 5.2.2 Dolby Atmos system.

This system features two of the brand-new Performance PS2 subwoofers, built into the cabinetry beneath the screen. Having launched at ISE earlier this year, and again at EI Live!, the Performance PS2 has been a  popular new addition to the product line up. Its low profile, forward firing design makes it ideal to be installed into furniture and cabinetry, as shown in this installation.

iCubed Home Cinema worked closely with 3D AV System visualisation specialists, Sinemas, to design this room and system. These renders were presented, along with a demonstration at the Artcoustic showroom, and the clients were said to be absolutely thrilled.

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