Amazon Video could soon support casting videos to Google Chromecast devices, although don’t expect it to be an official adoption of the technology. In fact, users could soon cast their Amazon Video content to their Chromecast devices thanks to a workaround being developed by Google.

In the latest Google Chrome dev channel, users are able to activate a feature that takes advantage of the tab casting functionality offered by the browser. Instead of simply casting the tab, however, Google Chrome will send the feed directly to the Chromecast – allowing users to watch anything from live streams to Amazon Video content.

Google Chrome has always offered the ability to cast tabs directly to a Chromecast device, but it’s never been optimal when watching video content. That’s because it was always trying to stream the browser tab, rather than the video content – meaning the end-result often suffered with latency due to the amount of data being transmitted.

Amazon Video isn’t the only video service that now supports Chromecast, with virtually any video streaming platform supported using this work-around. There’s no word on when the functionality will come to the official Google Chrome release, however. The changes are currently exclusive to the developer channel release of Chrome, and they require users to enable a setting in chrome://flags/#media-remoting.

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