VITAL is pleased to announce that CI leading software companies, D-Tools and Portal, have been selected to join its ENGAGE Program to reinforce their past and future commitments to dealer success.

The new VITAL ENGAGE Program is a collaborative effort among vendors and manufacturers in the CI industry committed to the success of their dealers as a core part of their business philosophy.  Members of ENGAGE will work together to help dealers optimize their business through education, marketing, and collaboration.  They also understand that stronger, more profitable dealers are the keys to their own success.   

“We are pleased to partner with VITAL to help our users better understand how to profitably grow their business,” says Barrie McCorkle, Director of Supplier Programs at D-Tools. “VITAL’s business assessment and coaching platform complements our solution and dovetails nicely with the objectives we have to help improve the lives and bottom line for users.”

VITAL’s business metrics, benchmarking, best practice sharing, and business coaching have consistently driven profitable growth for participating Integrators. The first step for dealers in VITAL’s program is to complete the Opportunity Analysis, which provides the CI dealer a clear picture of how they stack up against benchmarks of more than 300 other successful dealers. VITAL then delivers real-world takeaways reviewed with a professional business guide

“We love what VITAL is doing for dealers in the CI channel”, says Josh Willits, President at Portal.  “We focus all our efforts on helping dealers win jobs. When it comes to actually ‘running the business’ (accounting, financial analysis, etc.), dealers really do need a strategic partner like VITAL to keep them on track and profitable. So, it makes sense that we work together to give dealers the tools they need to help run their businesses more efficiently.

“We welcome the chance to collaborate with D-Tools and Portal to maximize business outcomes for all our dealers’ clients,” said Matt Bernath, VITAL’s president. “We look forward to adding more CI businesses to our ENGAGE Program to pass through even more incentives and resources to VITAL dealers.”

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