Habitech has announced the exclusive availability of the Wyrestorm NHD-300-TX to UK CI integrators. 

Featuring multiple output channel encoding and adjustable stream properties, the NetworkHD NHD-300-TX is a 1080p AV-over-IP H.264 open standards encoder that is ideally suited for flexible video stream integrations. 

Designed to be as flexible and user-friendly as possible in the widest range of live streaming scenarios, the NHD-300-TX is particularly well suited for the easy sharing of lectures within or beyond schools and universities, services within or from places of worship, or product and marketing presentations to global agencies – for example. 

It generates HDMI source video streaming that can be configured for a wide range of standard transport protocols and offers compatibility with H.264 stream players, recorders and video servers. 

Supporting HTTP, RTSP, RTP, TCP, RTMP, HLS, UDP, Multicast and Unicast streaming, the NHD-300-TX makes it easy to live stream events to a broad range of third-party hardware and software solutions such as VLC, Wowza and OBS, as well as popular platforms including YouTube Live, Facebook Live and Twitch through native options in a web UI. 

Equipped with configurable EDID up to 1080p video resolution and output scaling, the NHD-300-TX will achieve 1080p HD video distribution and low latency transmissions without the need for expensive network infrastructure. By combining standard H.264 compression and established network streaming protocols, transmissions can be decoded globally and locally by a wide range of smart TVs, phones, tablets and web browsers. 

The NHD-300-TX is also easy to install and configure and can be powered via PoE.

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