UBSOUND Gets A Feel For Premium Loudspeakers

On the occasion of the company’s ninth birthday, Italian manufacturer, UBSOUND has launched the Feel Series: premium handmade passive loudspeakers available in two models – bookshelf and floor standing, and in four vibrant colours.

The FL32 bookshelf or stand model (USD 2,000 per pair) and the FL38 floor standing model (USD 2,500 per pair) come in black, white, red and yellow.

The external wood of the loudspeakers is finished with a special multi-layer, ultra-resistant and scratch-resistant shining paint, which is manually applied.

Every single loudspeaker is manufactured and painted with spray lacquering applied, and during the production phases, each loudspeaker is carefully checked and tested one by one.  Every single product is numbered and, due to its manual manufacture, is unique.

For the engineering of the Feel series, UBSOUND has implemented its HDNSS (High Definition Natural Sound Signature) audio technology to which the flagship series (Velvet Series) owes its success. 

The goal of this technology is to return a very natural sound, not processed or modified in any way.  Their natural and slightly warm acoustic signature is due to the implementation of the 45° curved asymmetric front bass reflex that plays a fundamental role in the homogeneity of the propagation of low frequencies below 200Hz. 

“The perfect sound obviously does not exist, but with this exclusive technology UBSOUND has been able to create a pure, natural and balanced sound,” says Marzio Gasparro – CEO at UBSOUND Group.

The high performance passive loudspeakers are compatible with all amplifiers with a maximum power of 100W per channel at 8Ω impedance. They can be used with digital amplifiers, integrated, analogue, valve tube, class-A, high current, standard two-channel stereo systems, compact systems and also 5:1 home theatre systems using the two Velvet loudspeakers as front monitors in the left and right channels.

They are also suitable for the ‘pure direct line’ system (no equalization) available on some amplifiers; also suitable for those who simply want to replace their home hi-fi system loudspeakers in order to achieve significantly better sound performances.

“Coming from the flagship Velvet Series, with the Feel Series we have increased our range of loudspeakers by introducing a more lively design,” adds Gasparro. “The size of both Feel models is smaller in order to easily integrate them into any room. Also the introduction of the colour range answers to the desire to own an eccentric and unique piece of furniture that represents in a distinctive way the sound source for the room in which the loudspeaker is placed.”

The Feel Series loudspeakers are available for purchase from the official manufacturer’s website with free shipping worldwide directly from the Italian factory, and are covered by a three-year official warranty by UBSOUND.  

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