Karma-AV has unveiled the SVS 2000 Pro Series of subwoofers to the UK’s low frequency enthusiasts. Three new models make SVS’ flagship ‘Ultra’ bass design available for under £1K retail, and are available in December 2019.

The SB-2000 Pro sealed cabinet, PB-2000 Pro ported cabinet, and PC-2000 Pro ported cylinder designs deploy a potent 550 watts RMS / 1,500+ watts peak power amplifier driving an all-new 12-inch high-excursion SVS driver, supported by enhanced cabinet design and SVS’ tuning and control app.

The onboard Sledge STA-550D amplifier blends the high current output of discrete MOSFETs with Class D efficiency. Boasting 550 watts RMS power with low distortion, this proprietary amp design delivers on-demand power while maintaining precise driver control, allowing the 2000 Pro Series to play effortlessly and accurately at reference levels.  

Harnessing the power of the Sledge amplifier is a 50 MHz Analogue Devices Audio DSP with 56-bit filtering. Abundant processing capability maintains the sound quality by utilising advanced in-room tuning, optimised frequency response curves and powerful DSP controls.                                                     

The new and proprietary 12-inch driver design for the SVS 2000 Pro subwoofers features a dual-ferrite magnet motor assembly with long-throw parabolic surround for extreme excursion with room-pressurising SPLs. Its rigid, vented aluminium cone, complete with composite fibre dust cap, is built to move very large air volumes.

The 2000 Pro Series also features convenient control and preset customisation via the SVS subwoofer DSP smartphone app for Apple, Android and Amazon devices. Launched originally with the flagship SVS 16-Ultra subwoofers, the SVS app will control volume and allow access to multiple DSP functions and program custom presets for one-touch tuning optimised for music, movies and gaming. Users can also adjust crossover frequencies, a three-band parametric EQ, system polarity, room gain, standby mode and factory reset. Bluetooth connectivity allows full control even when the subwoofer is out of sight, and bi-directional feedback shows adjustments from the app and the rear panel in real time.

Subwoofers capable of formidable performance levels need cabinet designs to match, so the 2000 Pro Series enclosures deploy an extra-thick MDF front baffle and rigid internal bracing to virtually eliminate colouration, even when the deepest low frequencies are played at reference levels. 

Typical UK pricing:

SB2000 PRO Black Ash: 899.00; SB2000 PRO Black Gloss: 999.00; SB2000 PRO White Gloss (special order): 999.00; PB2000 PRO Black Ash: 999.00; PC2000 PRO Black Gloss TOP: 999.00.

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