Klipsh has released the Flexus series into its existing portfolio of lifestyle products – Powered by Onkyo.

The Flexus series currently consists of two soundbars, the Core 100 and Core 200, a subwoofer, the Sub 100, as well as new surround speakers, the Surr 100. 

The audio system allows users to build a home cinema system to their own requirements – whether that’s by just using the all-in-one soundbar, or by adding the optional wireless surrounds and subwoofers as well. 

The Flexus series is designed to bring immersive, multidimensional audio into a home, and  boasts a simple set-up process.

A key feature is the Klipsch Transport technology that is built in to each model in the range. 

The Klipsch transport tech allows for rapid connection between all units in a system, so that users can get them set-up and in action as quickly as possible, as well as the possibility to expand an existing configuration down the line with additional surround speakers or subwoofers.

The range is available via Henley Audio in the UK for the following prices:

Core 100 (£359.00 SRP): 2.1 soundbar system with virtualised Dolby Atmos.

Core 200 (£449.00 SRP): 3.1.2 soundbar system with Dolby Atmos.

SURR 100 (£279.00 SRP): wireless surround speakers.

SUB 100 (£329.00 SRP): wireless 10″ subwoofer for deeper bass.

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