StormAudio will exhibit full hardware range, host home theater demos with Alcons Audio and M&K Sound, and show Dirac Live Calibration Tool 2.0 integration across all processors at ISE 2019.

StormAudio says it is ready to show ISE 2019 attendees just how brilliant immersive sound can be.

From Stand 5-U59, which it shares with M&K Sound, StormAudio will present its entire range of immersive audio preamp/processors and amplifiers. On-hand will be CEO Olivier Thumerel, product manager Sebastien Gailleton, US sales manager Gary Blouse, sales & marketing administrator Julia Olivier and DSP developer Thierry Heeb.

All are eager to meet with dealers and distributors and provide details of StormAudio’s many recent hardware and firmware advancements.

Two cinema demonstrations

Throughout ISE, StormAudio will be conducting two separate home theater demos. The first is with Alcons Audio, where the two companies will replicate the active 9.1.6 set-up that won AVS Forum’s 2018 CEDIA Expo Best of Show award.

Taking place in Hall 6-H150, this features StormAudio’s 32-channel Digital AES Edition processor and an Alcons pro-ribbon loudspeaker system.

All the StormAudio processors incorporate Dirac Live Room Calibration. Now, with StormAudio firmware update 3.4r2, the processors support the new Dirac Live Calibration Tool in its 2.x versions (DLCT 2.0).

This complete overhaul of the Dirac user-interface makes the calibration process easier and more intuitive and can be managed from laptop, with support added for Swedish, Spanish, French, Mandarin and Japanese languages.

Additional enhancements include a phase correction algorithm for improved stereo reproduction with per speaker pair analysis.

“We have our greatest yet ISE in store for dealers and distributors this year. We encourage everyone to visit our stand and home theater demos and experience the technological leadership and support that StormAudio brings. All will be impressed. This is the year that StormAudio makes its mark,” says Olivier.

Numerous Product Awards

StormAudio’s ISP 3D.16 Elite preamp/processor and PA 16 Elite amplifier are the recent recipients of Japan’s HiVi Magazine Bronze award. In 2017 the I.ISP 3D.16.12 Elite AVR was hailed both a Top Choice and Best of CEDIA by AVS Forum, and ISE Best of Show by Residential Systems Magazine. That same year the ISP 3D.32 Elite Reference Edition preamp/processor earned a CES Innovations Award, and an ISE Best of Show Award. In 2016 it earned Residential Systems Magazine’s CEDIA Best of Show Award.

Product Range Overview

Serving the upper-end of the home cinema category, the StormAudio range consists of 16, 20 and 32-channel digital and analogue immersive audio preamplifier processors; 8 and 16-channel power amplifiers, and a 16-channel integrated immersive processor/amplifier (AVR). The processors all feature built-in compatibility with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D and integrate category-leading solutions including Dirac Live Room Calibration and StormMonitoring remote web-based monitoring tool.

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