SoundTube Entertainment celebrated the success of its international distribution partners at the 2023 International Sales Awards at the ISE show in Barcelona. This year’s awards underscore the achievement of repeat winners, showcasing the sustained drive and resilience of its partners in a competitive market.

The Commercial Distributor of the Year 2023 was Sound Directions Ltd., based in the UK – winning for the third consecutive year. Sound Directions specialises in a wide range of distributed audio solutions, from STNet IP-enabled PoE end-point speakers and audio system design to directional sound and sound masking.

The Top 5 Commercial Distributors 2023 were named as SIDEV SAS from France, Sound Classy Holdings Ltd., of Hong Kong, Erikson Commercial from Canada and National Audio Systems Pty Ltd. from Australia, which each returned as winners.

The Most Improved Distributor 2023 was Electro-Acoustics Systems Pte Ltd., based in Singapore, which was recognised for its significant strides in growth and market presence, marking a notable year of development and improvement.

The repeat victories across the brand’s Top 5 Commercial distributors reflect the long-term collaborative relationships fostered with SoundTube. 

“Recognising these remarkable companies for another year of top-tier performance highlights the strength of our shared efforts to push the boundaries of what’s possible in audio solutions,” says Ken Hecht, VP at MSE Audio. “Their continued success highlights the power of collaboration in innovation, presentation and sales between our team and our distributors.”

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