Sound Environment Ltd For Sale!

Sound Environment Ltd has completed a wide variety of projects

A unique opportunity has arisen to acquire one of the most respected and well-established AV and Smart Home installers in the UK: Sound Environment Ltd.

Company owner, Rufus Greenway, is stepping away from the business for personal reasons. The company is being offered for sale with the new owner able to take full ownership of a completely debt-free future-focused business with a full order book.

With a 22-year history of success in the Custom Installation market, Sound Environment Ltd has an enviable record of award wins and achievements, but perhaps most significantly enjoys a database full of highly satisfied and loyal customers – a significant proportion of whom have been with Sound Environment Ltd for years.

Rufus explains, “We have spent the last two decades making sure every customer we work with is totally satisfied. It’s very hard to put a value on that, but our word-of-mouth and referral success down the years has ensured that our company order books have been constantly filled. In our whole 22 years we have never had to search around for work – nor market externally – it’s one of the company’s strongest assets.”

 Rufus adds, “Another very strong advantage any new owner will inherit is the knowledge and experience of our staff. They are genuine experts in this field, but also know our projects and customer database inside out. Able to hit the ground running, any new owner will be able to transition into a genuine going concern with very little effort.”

Current staff includes two full-time engineers both with a decade of experience in the business, and two part-time office-based staff able to support the company if required needed. The company’s portfolio of work includes: Entertainment Systems (HiFi, Audio Distribution, Home Cinema, Media Rooms, 4K High-Definition Video Distribution); Networks (High Quality Data – Internet – Networks / Telephone Systems); Comfort (Lighting/Blinds/Heating/Ventilation Control); Security (Door Entry Systems/CCTV)).

The business is based in West London, with clients in London, the rest of the UK and in Europe. Strong brand awareness exists across the capital, UK and overseas too. The business also has the advantages of being completely debt-free and has no other contractual obligations such a lease/HP on offices or workshops, vehicles or equipment. Strong payment history exists from all major clients and full access to historical project plans and data is available. 

With over 1000 projects delivered to date. Return customer and service business annually stands at between 50-80% offering any purchaser reliable repeat revenue. The company also has cash in the bank to offer the new owner operating capital to smooth any transition. Rufus also underlines the strong, well-established relationships the company has all its trade suppliers.

As the outright owner, Rufus is looking to sell quickly and transfer the business into good and trusted hands – ideally those with direct experience of the Custom Install channel. Rufus says, “We are conducting meetings to discuss serious offers now and are prepared to meet and answer any questions surrounding your interest.”

A full prospectus, as well as detailed accounts and all other required documentation, are available pursuant to serious enquiry. “Our preferred option is to offer the company for sale direct into the CI sector and continue to offer our loyal customer base the same level of support they have received from us. We also want to ensure the new owners fully understand and benefit from the potential that the company has to grow over the next 5 to 10 years,” explains Rufus.

The company is also offered for sale via Business sales agents Benchmark International. Contact Kate Tebbutt if this avenue is a preferred option. They have a comprehensive IM on the company that can be supplied on request.

Benchmark International, 101 Park Drive, Milton Park, Oxfordshire, OX14 4RY. t: +44 (0)1865410050, w:

Or for more information please contact Rufus Greenway on 07710 135515 or at

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