A freshly updated version of Control4’s operating system is being showcased at ISE offering a big helping of new operations and functionality.

Additions include new HD audio/video intercom, updated sleeker and faster touch-screens, an engaging and attractive UI across all interfaces, a new thermostat, fresh entertainment experiences, an updated system remote, a new version of Composer Express, easy one-room entertainment installation solutions and a full line of AV distribution products via the new partnership with Leaf.

The new built-in intercom delivers instantaneous connection and high-quality audio/video and comes built-in to every new Control4 system.

Users benefit from an HD experience with full-screen picture and full frame-rate video for clarity as well as high-quality speakers and microphone to match.

Users can also select an alternative camera as the video source, giving the right view with the best audio inside or outside.

The intercom interoperates with consumer-favourite SIP products including phones, door stations (2N and Siedle) and mobile Apps for iOS and Android.

Built-in functions include do not disturb, audio-only and auto-answer functions and can scale easily from just two stations up to dozens for lager projects.

Helping to deliver the intercom functionality, Control4 reports that the new T3 touch-screens come with dramatically increased speed and responsiveness with 2x the resolution of previous models, built-in HD camera, high-quality speakers and microphone.

Models come in 7in and 10in inch in-wall options and a 7in table-top model with attractive aluminium charging base with wire concealment.

Models are suitable for new projects and also retrofitting into existing systems.

The new touch-screens deliver 1.4 GHz Quad core, 8GB Flash and 1GB RAM and 1280×800 resolution.

The camera is 720p @30fp capable and supports H-264 for better video.

On the entertainment side of the experience, music lovers can browse playlists with a simple swipe and enjoy bold cover art images.

A new weather App also allows users to stay completely up to date with weather reports all as part of the updated OS 2.7 experience.

Fresh built-in smart lighting functionality is also part of the new set up allowing users to easily set the mood and control scenes.

OS 2.7 also offers environmental control with a new comfort experience designed to offer an immersive, intuitive interface taking the intimidation out of ‘programmable thermostats’ making it easy to adjust heat and cool.

Control4 says the function delivers extensive support for the world’s leading HVAC systems including forced air, radiant heating, split HVAC, dual fuel and geothermal.

The platform works with the leading brands across the world, including the US and Canada, Europe, Latin America and Asia delivering a genuine global solution.

Brands covered include Cool Automation, Nest, Carrier, Heatmiser and Aprilaire.

The system allows full management of connected humidity systems, including scheduling service reminders, such as filter replacement and intuitive access to climate control functions like adjust temperature, heat/cool set-points, t-stat mode, fan speed and fresh air.

The system can also be programmed to reproduce HVAC ‘scenes’ to match different activities and moods.

To go with the new operating system comes a fresh system remote, the third-generation of Control4’s hand held series.

The display offers English or iconographic button sets, a larger screen offering a variety of font colours, more intuitive button layout and support for 27 languages.

Control4 says the unit also offers improved customisability with programmable buttons and an improved tactile feel.

Functionality and improved user experiences are also promoted via the new Composer Express 2.7, a mobile configuration tool exclusively for Control4 dealers that is designed to dramatically simplify the install process, to minimise time at job sites and increase productivity during system setup.

Time saving functions include rapid family room and home theatre setup, adding and configuring devices and the system also enables cookie-cutter reuse of project templates.

Finally Control4 is showcasing its recent purchase of AV distribution and control specialist Leaf.

The new acquisition enables both brands to benefit from the strengths of the other delivering new and innovative AV entertainment solutions.

Via Leaf, AV content from any source can be delivered to any TV within a project removing the need for dedicated sources for each television.


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