Savant is finally adding voice control through the Google Assistant to its smart home ecosystem, as revealed in an interview with CE Pro Europe. That means users will now be able to activate a Savant Scene, choose a favourite channel, or select a source within their entertainment system using nothing but their voice and a Google Assistant-enabled device.

This is not the first time Savant has embraced voice control, after all the firm is already compatible with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant service. Added compatibility with the Google Assistant has been a long time coming, however, with Google’s AI quickly catching up with Amazon’s in terms of its ability to control smart home devices.

As one would expect, anything that can Savant can control, can now be controlled using a Google Assistant-enabled device. That means users can bark orders at their Google Home speaker to adjust the lighting, or change the temperature by talking into their smartphone. Savant’s scene engine can also capture personalised automation events, allowing users to control every aspect in their home quickly and easily.

“Our objective is to deliver the best smart home experience along with leading edge innovations that bring added value for our network of integrators and their clients,” states Savant CEO Robert Madonna. “Working with Google and bringing their voice technology to Savant homes accomplishes both without question.”

In order to get started with Google Assistant voice control on the Savant system, installers will need to ensure that their customers have a Savant Pro System running da Vinci 8.4 or higher. Users will also need the Savant Pro app linked to their account. After that’s all done the two services can be linked from the Google Home app.

Google Ups The Smart Home Stakes

Google is serious about its assistant being the hub of the smart home, with it rolling out new features all the time to satisfy those in need of an easy connected home experience. Just last month the firm announced that the Google Home is now capable of taking three commands at once, meaning it will be possible to activate more than one Savant scene in one go.

Savant’s Google Assistant support is available now.

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