Blinds in properties do need to be closed every once in a while, even if that means shutting out a fantastic view.

Oceanair is now offering the chance for customers to have exactly what they want printed on their blinds. Whatever the customer’s whim – a holiday snap, a family picture, stunning scenery, corporate logo, statement imagery – can all be accommodated.

Oceanair recently completed a superyacht project where the client wanted a special painting printed onto the blind, essentially transforming the room into an art gallery. The process involves professionally photographing the chosen image (or the image can be supplied), then the image is specially printed onto Oceanair’s roller blind fabric with UV resistant and waterproof ink. The result is a seamless picture appearing every time the blind is closed.

Oceanair says it is delighted to offer this new ‘limitless’ service in that whilst the printing converts the blind, the possibilities and fun that can be had are endless and completely up to the customer with no boundaries.

The Oceanair Design team is also looking into the future possibility of printing on venetian blinds, so when the slats are aligned, tilted or closed, images appear.

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