Marine blind experts, Oceanair has recently unveiled its new Designer Venetian blind slat collection, as well as its leather Venetian blind range with curved aluminium slats.

The Designer Venetian blind slat collection has been created to appeal to designers and interior specialists, featuring a wide collection of materials ranging from natural varieties of wood, leathers and bamboos, to a range of aluminium metallic colours.

From bamboo, glossy or matt finishes to frosted laminated slats, the very latest tastes and trends are tailored for, meaning any desired style and environment can be achieved on board any super yacht.

Meanwhile, the leather Venetian blind range with curved aluminium slats have been designed to accentuate the texture of the leather fabric covering the slat.

A key reason for developing the new aluminium slat was to create a thinner slat overall when covered in leather (compared to a wooden one).

With a smaller overall slat thickness, and in turn, overall blind thickness; this creates a more contemporary, sleeker looking blind.

Yet whilst the slat is thinner, at horizontal tilt cabin privacy is still maintained.

The use of aluminium slats also results in a smaller stack height, enabling the blind to fit neatly into smaller recess areas and disappear further from view giving a tidy and elegant appearance when not in use.

The aluminium slat can be covered in real or faux leather with matching or contrast stitching, with leathers specified by the customer or chosen from Oceanair’s fabric collection.

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