With an emphasis firmly placed on simplicity and ease of use, OceanAir has released RadioRA2 – a compact and practical system providing electric blind and curtain control, wirelessly from a mobile device.

A mains powered small wireless receiver is plugged into the blind or curtains, and then the components in RadioRA2 ‘talk’ to each other through wireless technology, making blind operation easy.

Compatible with the very latest iDevices, blinds and curtains can be controlled from the touch of a button.

Furthermore, RadioRA2 is scalable, meaning it can be used in a single room, a few rooms or throughout an entire property.

The system can be expanded as desired, and also integrated into other light and temperature systems that may be installed.

RadioRA2 technology uses a dedicated network, a quiet frequency band and group commands to ensure smooth communication between the system devices is reliably delivered and simultaneous response.

OceanAir offers a complete turnkey service with a full installation and integration package available.


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