According to the manufacturer, Exakt ‘eliminates magnitude and phase distortion that is inherent in traditional passive crossovers, so what you hear is a more faithful reproduction of the music as it was recorded’.

Exakt measures and corrects for even the tiniest variation between drive units, meaning every system that leaves the factory performs exactly to the designers’ specification.

Not stopping there, Exakt enables the Linn specialist to optimise performance for any customer’s unique room requirements.

In order to deliver the digital signal losslessly to the loudspeaker, Linn developed a new protocol: Exakt Link, which achieves accuracy of data transmission with the ability to losslessly transmit eight channels of 24-bit/192 kHz Studio Master, low jitter and accurate precision synchronisation between loudspeakers.

Up to 13 sources can be connected to the system via the Akurate Exakt DSM with inputs including HDMI, Toslink, S/PDIF, XLR and RCA phono available. Further to this, ADC technology converts the delicate analogue signal from vinyl to digital and sends it losslessly to the loudspeaker.

The central column of the stand is a highly rigid aluminium extrusion that houses the Exakt electronics, Dynamik power supply and four channels of 100W Linn Chakra amplification in a suspension-mounted module.

The Exakt Akudorik cabinet has a ported, four-way design featuring a 6½-inch bass driver and Linn’s 3K array housing the ½-inch super-tweeter, a 1-inch dome tweeter and 3-inch mid-range drive units inside a rigid, machined die cast aluminium chassis.

The bass driver utilises a doped paper cone with a symmetrical balanced motor assembly to apply even force to the coil in both directions of movement, ensuring precisely controlled bass performance.

Exakt Akudorik is available in a range of finishes, including six wood veneers in standard or high gloss options.

A range of more than 200 bespoke, high gloss colour finishes are also available, although Exakt Akudorik can be further personalised through the choice of polished chrome or black finishes for the chassis of the 3K array.

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