IMAX and Ideaworks are offering a select few the opportunity to be among the first to own the world’s most immersive and luxurious entertainment experience.

Costing £1.8 million, the target client would be someone whose home cinema is typically 7x10m or more, with movie-house-type seating. 

Custom-designed to IMAX specifications and ‘engineered for perfection’, everything about the IMAX Private Theatre is state of the art and custom-designed to deliver the ultimate in-home entertainment experience.

How it works is that IMAX designs every aspect of the IMAX Private Theatre – from its projection and sound technology to the room acoustics and theatre geometry – to work as a fully integrated solution that is optimised specifically for the customer’s home.

The price tag comes with a five-year, 24/7 maintenance plan.

IMAX’s team of specialists play an integral role in the entire process, working directly with the client’s architects, developers, interior designers and custom installers to ensure everything is built to IMAX’s performance standards while catering to specific design preferences.

What’s included?

For £1.8 million, the customer gets dual, ‘commercial-grade’ 4K projectors, promising 2D and 3D, native and upscaled images of a quality, IMAX surround sound technology, a curved wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling screen (size variable to fit space), laser imaging used to set up sound system, custom install speakers and as many seats that can fit into the particular space.

The customer can also access 200 IMAX films with instant access on the day they hit cinemas via the same ‘Day and Date’ download system used in modern cinemas.

The system can also play video games, Blu-rays, DVDs and live/satellite/cable and the screen can be split into four separate streams with the option to have both 3D and 2D frames simultaneously.

As reported in the Evening Standard, Andrew Cripps, president of IMAX Europe, comments that the firm has already had interest from a number of Londoners.

“Obviously, this system is for individuals of high net worth who enjoy all types of entertainment: films, television, gaming and sports,” says Andrew.

“We have had interest from Londoners and from London property developers looking to put an IMAX screen in their luxury developments. We have also had a lot of requests from people asking about getting the system installed into luxury boats and yachts – I have seen one of the proposed designs and it looks incredible nice.”

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