People want to live in smart homes and builders want to build smart homes, but for some reason something happens in between all that desire that leads to bog-standard homes still being the standard for the housebuilding industry. There have been some bright spots, with a few major US housebuilders offering their prospective buyers the opportunity to spec ‘smart packages’ in their new build homes; but Nortek Security & Control wants to go much further.

Nortek already offers the ELAN Home Program to housebuilders, enabling them to gain access and support to a range of products from the likes of ELAN, Speakercraft and Panamax for use in new build homes. The firm uses the program to match housebuilders with both new products and certified installers that will be able to install those products; it sees it as a one stop shop for the home construction industry. The program initially launched in 2015, but is about to go through a massive expansion, and is being relaunched as the Nortek Security & Control New Home Program.

Rather than relying on a few of its brands, the Nortek Security & Control New Home Program leverages the company’s entire portfolio of products; giving housebuilders the widest possible choice when it comes to speccing up their new homes.

“Nortek Security & Control is uniquely able to provide new home builders with a complete range of smart home control, automation, security, access control, and entertainment solutions that cover every aspect of the home,” Nortek Security & Control Director of Builder Services Bret Jacob said.

“Since launching in 2015, our builder program has helped builders sell more homes with smart, connected and personalized technology. We are now amplifying the opportunity with additional support, new categories, and more products within the Nortek Security & Control family.”

Thus far many of housebuilders that have adopted smart technologies have only scratched the surface as to what is available. By offering its full product range, Nortek is able to offer everything from smart security products, complete home automation systems, accessibility tech, garage door openers and much more. In fact, housebuilders that want a fully-decked out smart home will find Nortek has a solution for everything they could possibly want.

The Nortek Security & Control New Home program works much in the same way as the old program. It helps builders create complete and effective connected home strategies; aligning builders with certified dealers and offering them a complete range of benefits, including aggressively priced and powerfully featured standards and upgrade packages, extremely important ‘sell-through’ services, outstanding direct manufacturer product and marketing support and project oversight, and industry-leading model home and incentive programs.

“The Nortek Security & Control New Home Program is a one-stop-shop for builders and developers to provide comprehensive smart home options for their customers,” Jacob concluded. “All interested parties can learn more and find contact information at the Nortek Security & Control website.”

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