Misfit is a company most notable for its range of fitness trackers, such as the Misfit Flash and the Misfit Shine, although it has recently started to evolve into a smart devices manufacturer.

Its first foray into the smart home was announced at CES with the announcement of a connected bulb dubbed the Misfit Bolt.

Now Misfit has announced even more smart home control with its Flash wearable; thanks to a partnership with Nest, Logitech and August.

The Nest Learning Thermostat will integrate with the sleep tracking features of the Misfit Flash, allowing the Nest to automatically set the perfect temperature for when the user wakes up.

Misfit is not all about passive control with its wearables either; with the Flash now working with the Logitech Harmony API which will allow users to control smart home devices such as lights, TVs and music players.

Users will also be able to start and stop their Spotify playlists using nothing but the Misfit Flash.

The final exciting announcement for European Misfit users is the announcement of IFTTT support for the Misfit Flash.

IFTTT allows users to automate their homes in various different ways by setting up recipes in the iOS, Android or Web-based App.

For instance users could setup their Misfit Flash to make a cup of tea when they hit their daily fitness goal, or to start cooking a meal.

While those are the major home automation partnerships here in Europe, people in the US will also be able to take advantage of integration with the August Smart Lock.

The August Smart Lock will allow Misfit Flash users to approach the door and unlock it, without ever reaching for a set of keys.

All of these features are available from today for Misfit users.

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