Following Control4’s confirmation that it will be fully embracing the new Works With Google Assistant program after the shuttering of Works With Nest, Crestron has also confirmed that it plans on keeping integration with Nest devices. Unlike Control4, however, Crestron wouldn’t comment on the details of its plans going forward.

In a statement released to Essential Install, Crestron noted: “Crestron has been providing third-party integration for over 40 years, and this is part of our core business. API changes sometimes happen, and Crestron is fully equipped to handle these. We are working with Google to provide a path forward for our customers to keep integration with NEST thermostats.”

This doesn’t expressly state that Crestron is set to adopt Works With Google Assistant, although that does appear to be the only way third-party manufacturers will be able to link into the Nest ecosystem going forward. Google has stated that it will only be working with select manufacturers on Works With Google Assistant, however, and it could be that the two firms are still locked in talks as to how to proceed following the demise of Works With Nest.

Given Crestron’s history with API changes, it’s likely that the company will continue to link up to the Nest ecosystem for the foreseeable future. Whether or not it will have its new functionality launched before Works With Nest is switched off on August 31, 2019, remains to be seen.

Installers may want to communicate with their customers now, notifying them of the changes. When Works With Nest ends, if Control4 and Crestron are unable to get their API updates out in time, it will not be possible to control a Nest device using either automation platform. Installers who are not proactive will likely receive a few complaints when functionality between a user’s home automation system and their Nest devices completely break.

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