Invixium Inc., manufacturer of next-generation biometric products has announced a partnership with Janus Technology, a software development and consulting company specialising in technology integrations for the smart home and commercial markets.

A two-way driver for the Invixium products has been developed by Janus to integrate with the Control4 platform and has recently passed rigorous tests to become approved as Control4 Certified Partner products.

Janus will promote and resell the Invixium products; Mycro, Sense and Touch on its online web store for distribution throughout the UK and Ireland.

Shiraz Kapadia, CEO & president of Invixium, says: “Smart home technology is the future in terms of how we access and control our homes. Our products have been meticulously designed to be elegant and simple enough for home implementation, yet flexible and powerful enough for commercial applications. We are delighted to have Janus as our technology partner due to their widespread expertise and experience in the home automation industry.”

As demonstrated effectively at ISE, when integrated with a Control4 system, the Invixium fingerprint biometric products allow for profiling and personalisation of an automated system to grant access only to enrolled users as well as trigger macro events.

Based on the user profile, certain lights, audio equipment or appliances may be activated with the press of a finger.

When installed at the entrance of a home, office or building, Invixium devices provide access, convenience and security without the need for keys, PIN’s or passwords. 

“The Invixium devices are stunning, modern and exceptionally well-designed,” says Richard Caton, MD at Janus. “Now with Control4 certification of the Mycro, Sense and Touch readers and associated driver, we’re looking forward to a tremendously exciting time for installers. Bringing personalised automation with advanced biometric control is just the beginning for what’s possible with Invixium; we encourage dealers to come and talk with us about all the possibilities.”

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