It turns out the Nest Thermostat E and Nest Cam IQ won’t be the only new products from the ailing smart home firm to launch this year. That’s because the Google-owned manufacturer has just announced an event that could reveal new solutions targeted at the living room.

Next to nothing is known about what Nest is planning at this moment in time, although its invitation to the event does give a few clues. It notes that users should grab some popcorn and a comfy couch, while the imagery used is of a living room set-up. That definitely alludes to the event having something to do with living room technology.

Nest has been criticised in recent years for being slow to develop new products. Despite having been owned by Google since 2013, since then the company can hardly be classed as an innovator. In its entire seven-year history, Nest has only produced two original product lines, with the Nest Cam only coming about thanks to its acquisition of Dropcam.

Google is definitely serious about the smart home. The company’s Google Home has been flying off shelves, and it’s already got various smart home manufacturers on-board. Nest has barely been contributing to its overall smart home vision, however. It would appear it’s now prepared to step up to the plate.

The event is scheduled to take place on September 20 in San Francisco, and as always CE Pro Europe will have all the latest news about any new smart home products or initiatives.

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