Scott Dixon is a quadruple IndyCar Champion, leading non-U.S. driver in American Championship Cars and one of the 33 greatest drivers in Indianapolis 500 history. He’s also a husband and father who, when away from home, wants to connect with his family however possible.

That’s why, when building his new 7,000sq ft home in Indianapolis, he called upon Robert Haecker, Tom Wilburn and Don Wolfe at Triphase Technologies to integrate fast and responsive technology that helps Scott feel present, even while on the road. To bridge the physical gap and bring Scott home at a moment’s notice, the Triphase team relied on an ELAN Entertainment and Control System.

“The Dixon family has dealt with slow and finicky control systems in the past,” says Robert Haecker, president, Triphase Technologies. “We introduced them to a system that provides Scott with the speed and reliability he needs. Now, he’s able to view security camera footage, monitor the home’s front gate, or check in on his children from literally anywhere in the world.”

Serving as the central hub to all of the smart home’s components, the ELAN gSC10 Controller allows Scott to control his security system (including garage door integration, 24/7 camera access and driveway gate control), HVAC, automated lighting and multi-room audio and video systems while on-the-go. Accessible on three ELAN TP7 touch panels in the master bathroom, loft and kitchen, four ELAN HR200 remotes and the ELAN g! Mobile App on Scott and his wife Emma’s mobile devices, control is only a touch away.

“My primary goal in building a smart home is to have automation on-the-go,” says Scott. “Since I travel frequently, I require a fast, easy-to-use system that makes me feel like I’m right at home. So far, I’ve been using the ELAN App every day.”

To see his children while on the road, Scott utilises the new ELAN Intercom function, enabled through the ELAN 7.2 software upgrade, to call his property from his mobile device. “It’s so fun to check in on the family while using ELAN Intercom – even if it’s just to make sure that the girls are keeping their rooms clean and brushing their teeth!”

Full control of the home and property’s security system is a necessity for Scott. With exterior cameras in the front foyer, driveway and rear of the home as well as interior cameras in the two children’s bedrooms and the playroom, Scott is able to monitor the safety of his family.

“Remote access to the security system control is one of the most important features of the system for me,” says Scott. “I want to make sure that the home is secured and armed at all times, especially when I am not there.”

When Scott is home, entertaining is a priority. To satisfy his love for music and film, the Triphase Technologies team built a fully functional and easy-to-use media centre with high quality acoustics and rich visuals.

To provide indoor and outdoor audio distribution, Triphase Technologies system designer Tom Wilburn installed an ELAN S1616 multi-room audio controller and Autonomic MMS-2A Music Server accompanied by Niles outdoor landscape speakers in the exterior and SpeakerCraft AIM Series 2 speakers and Sunfire HRS-10 subwoofers in the interior.

To complement the audio system, the Triphase Technologies team designed a multi-room video system equipped with an Apple TV, Sony Blu-ray player and DirecTV satellite receivers with 70in, 60in and 65in Visio TVs in the basement, exercise room and hearth room. “One of the most visually compelling elements of the home is the Future Automation motorised TV lift and custom cabinet, which was built on site,” says Tom. “It’s an exciting architectural element that gives the entertainment centre depth and functionality.”

Since the Dixon family has come to rely on the ELAN system, the Triphase Technologies team made sure to protect the technology in the event of a power surge. To do so, they installed a Panamax M5300-PM to safeguard the home’s key technological components. “Power protection is just as important as the technology it serves,” says Triphase project manager Don Wolfe.

For the Dixon family, the ELAN system has evolved from a simple convenience to a complete lifestyle transformation. “In the fast-paced world we live in, it’s a must,” says Dixon.

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