The “eyes” have it. At least that’s the case in terms of a new strategic partnership just announced between wireless connectivity manufacturer Global Caché and Dad In A Shed, makers of a new eye-control system designed for infrared devices for the disabled.

Global Caché‘s products connect almost any electrical device to a Wi-Fi and/or IP network so it can be controlled, automated, and maintained by network-based software. The company offers other connectivity products and services, including IR learning and the Control Tower IR database, available in the cloud.

Dad In A Shed’s Eye-R product is for the control and automation of infrared devices either by touch, switch, or eye control. Inspired by his own difficulty sourcing equipment and aids for a handicapped child, the founder of Dad In A Shed is focused upon making affordable, reliable, and easy to install products for the disability market.

The company offers a line-up of products, including Eyetomation, a collaboration with The Eye Tribe and their Eye Tracker, which employs eye gaze automation, Eye Desktop which allow complete PC access via Eye Gaze mouse emulation and Eye-R for infrared device control. Eye-R can be used with any existing Windows 7 or later PC, or can be added to the Dad In A Shed Eye Gaze Bundle.

“It’s a pleasure to partner with Dad In A Shed,” says Global Caché vice president Robin Ford. “I love that their founder was moved to create products by his desire to help his child. To be part of a control and automation solution made specifically for the physically challenged is especially rewarding and adds another dimension of gratification to the work we do. We look forward to a successful partnership supplying a meaningful and comprehensive product that enriches lives.”

“Our goal is to generate products that make life easier for disabled people,” says Steve Smith, Dad In A Shed CEO. “Global Caché products, especially the IR products along with the Control Tower IR database, made the Eye-R product much simpler and easy to develop. We are very happy with this alliance and know that the combined products from Dad In A Shed and Global Caché makes a powerful and affordable solution for many people that can use it.”

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