All of HDanywhere’s video matrices can now be integrated with Fibaro.

Fibaro’s Home Centre Lite and Home Centre 2 offer homeowners the ability to communicate with and manage up to 230 connected devices using the wireless Z-Wave protocol.

Fibaro states that its systems are affordable and require no cabling to be installed as part of the setup process.

The Fibaro Home Centre Lite or Home Centre 2 hub is effectively the central processor for the system. This connects to a router via an Ethernet port and modules and sensors can then be simply added via a web interface.

Modules currently available include dimmers, single and dual relay switches, RGBW controllers, a roller shutter module, flood and motion sensors, smoke sensors and universal sensors.

“I am extremely impressed by Fibaro overall and realised that there was a definite crossover between our companies, with both of us using features like web-interfaces to make our products more manageable and intuitive to administer for installers and end-users alike,” comments Daniel Adams, director of technical at HDanywhere (UK).

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