Using Niko Home Control as the basis, this striking cliff top new build embraced the 21st century with easy to use and fully supported home automation woven expertly into the fabric of the building. This case study first appeared in the pages of Essential Install and Intelligent Homes Magazines.

Perched along the Southwest Coast Path in Maenporth, Cornwall, Seahorses looks to deliver a fusion of coastal elegance and cutting-edge technology. Nestled near Falmouth, this new build (which replaced an existing bungalow) was created under the guidance of architect and designers, Iris Projects. The home was created to be the owner’s retirement home, but also needed to accommodate fee paying holidaymakers in the high-end holiday let market when the owners were not at home. At the heart of the home lies the Niko Home Control system, orchestrating each aspect of the home’s functionality.

Andy Moss, owner of Moss Technical Services, official distributor for Niko in the UK, explains, “Ultraline sliding doors are a major part of the home to take advantage of the amazing views. We supply smart locks for the company, and it was they who introduced us to the home’s owner.

“He wanted to create a retirement home, but also be able to rent the property out when he was not staying there, so the system needed to be very simple to use and be able to switch modes from ‘renting’ to ‘at home’ mode.”

Andy adds, “In renting mode, the system restricts access to certain areas and aspects of the home such as the customer’s personal areas like their wardrobe. We can also access the system remotely to update functionality, and check system health at any time, making the system flexible, efficient and reliable.”

Andy also explains, “This Niko Home Control installation is a BUS wired full installation, but because the use of the property was changed to become a part time holiday let after the house was finished, we were able to provide the locking of the wardrobes and various other additional control elements by adding Niko Home Control wireless Zigbee controls to provide a seamlessly integrated addition to the BUS system already installed.”

Integrated lighting in the home and in the grounds is controlled with internal and external wall controls and easy to use interactive touch screens. Discreetly integrated motion and presence detection (including exterior IP rated units) ensures that much of the lighting functionality is automated and based on whether the space is occupied or not.

Niko’s Pure range of wall controls and interactive touch screens provide the intuitive and attractive control points, offering easy and fast access to the home’s different settings and moods. Seven-inch interactive screens are available to control video entry and delver deeper into the home’s abilities should the need arise.

With 12 underfloor heating zones and towel radiators managed by Niko Home Control, Seahorses ensures optimal comfort year-round. Residents can adjust temperatures to suit their preferences, creating a cozy retreat regardless of the season.

From automated blind adjustments to ventilation regulation, Niko Home Control also empowers the owner to optimise natural light and airflow, fostering a pleasing indoor environment tailored to individual preferences.

Video gate entry, door locking mechanisms, fire alarm, and intruder alarm systems also integrate with the Niko Home Control ecosystem, safeguarding Seahorses and providing residents with peace of mind.

The home also offers various entertainment options. A Sonos Multi-Room Audio system provides music for every mood. The Sonos system also works with Amina speakers in the main entertainment/gaming space.

With centralised SkyQ and CCTV distribution courtesy of HDAynwhere, Seahorses also ensures that residents enjoy seamless access to their favourite entertainment options and can access feeds from the security cameras too.

High-speed wireless and wired networking, both indoors and outdoors, courtesy in the main by Netgear and Ubiquity, ensures that residents remain connected to the digital world, allowing residents to work, play and stay connected.

Despite its advanced technology, Seahorses remains user-friendly, thanks to its full app and voice control capabilities. Whether adjusting lighting, setting the temperature, or queuing up a favourite playlist, residents can manage every aspect of their home environment with a simple voice command or tap of their smartphone.

Niko Home Control – Lighting, Heating, Ventilation, Shading, Gate Entry, Door Locking

Niko Pure Range wall controls (White Steel finish)

Niko Digital Black touchscreens (Up to 12 functions per DB – Customer selectable and customisable via the app)

Netgear 48 port PoE smart switch

Prism AV Rack

Ubiquity Unifi6 Wireless Access Points (internal and external)

Sonos Multiroom Audio – Beam, Arc, Amp and Mini Sub

Amina Mobius 5i invisible speakers

HDAnywhere MHUB Pro 4K matrix

Ultraline sliding doors + smart locks

Niko HD video entry and gate control

Niko 7inch touchscreens

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