Faradite and Focus SB announce collaboration

Faradite has announced a new collaboration with Focus SB. Focus SB has a wide variety of products and finishes, as well as offering bespoke solutions for those unique projects that require a one-of-a-kind design. The quality and attention to detail found in Focus SB products has meant it has seen its products installed in ‘some of the most prestigious buildings in the world’, according to the maker.

Faradite is best known for its PIR motion sensors known for their sleek and discreet design. Its sensors are commonly used in similar high end and luxury projects, where customers want solutions that work, while being aesthetically beautiful and most importantly, discreet. Faradite and Focus SB have come together to work on a collaboration that takes the best of what each company has to offer and combines these to provide a luxury solution for installers and integrators.

Together Faradite and Focus SB have announced the release of the Pinhole Mounting Plate. The attractive mounting plate has been designed especially for the Faradite Motion Sensor 360 – Pinhole – Volt Free and is available now from Focus SB in all of its finishes. It is the perfect compliment to the near-invisible Pinhole sensor, say the companies. Focus SB has designed and manufactured this special installation plate to simplify and streamline the installation process. The result is all the function of this motion sensor with all of the style of the Focus SB solid metal finishes. This collaboration gives exciting new install options for discerning customers who pride themselves on creating ‘the finest smart homes in the world’.

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