Faradite ORE: Form and function

Back in February, Faradite launched a range of what the company describes as truly breathtaking keypads. The new TAP-5 ORE range delivered solid brass, hand finished, five-gang capacitive touch keypads designed to be visually stunning.

Faradite says the TAP-5 ORE switches are as technically astounding as they are aesthetically pleasing, backed with KNX technology that offers strong functionality. With five different function types to choose from as well as an integrated temperature sensor, this switch has been created to offer an elegant way to control every aspect of the modern smart home.

One of the standout features of the TAP-5 ORE switches is the option for integrators to create ‘Smart scene plate’ configurations through the ETS entry. This feature enables quick and intuitive scene controls using the switch’s 5 gang layout. The middle button serves as a room on/off toggle, while the outer four buttons offer discreet scene control. Moreover, advanced customisation options are available, allowing integrators to tailor the switch’s functionality to specific preferences using all major KNX data types as needed.

Matt Emberson, Sales and Marketing Director at Faradite explains, “This clearly defined Smart scene plate functionality allows us to explain how this beautiful keypad can control the room from the very first time a homeowner interacts with the switch. Telling an end user that any button can send any data type, to control anything, however you like, will probably cause a really confusing user experience that is complicated and time consuming for the KNX integrator to commission.”

Matt adds, “With Smart scene plate, we can ensure the user experience is explained, clearly from the outset. Naturally we have made the commissioning steps inside ETS to commission smart scene plate quick and easy for the integrator, meaning a happy customer and a simpler route to project sign-off.”

The smart scene plate operating mode offers a user-friendly and intuitive way to control lighting scenes within the room using the TAP-5 ORE KNX keypad. The central button serves as a room toggle on/off, providing a straightforward and easily accessible control point for users. This intuitive design ensures that even those unfamiliar with the system can quickly grasp how to operate it.

The outer four buttons are designated for triggering lighting scenes within the room, with each button corresponding to a specific scene such as ‘Relax’, ‘Movie’, ‘Reading’ and ‘Bright’. This layout allows users to quickly and conveniently adjust the lighting to suit different activities or moods.

Furthermore, if the corner button of an active scene is pressed, it will instantly turn off all lights in the room. This ensures that every interaction with the keypad results in a change to the room’s state, eliminating confusion and streamlining the user experience.

Overall, the smart scene plate operating mode maximises usability and convenience, making it easy for users to control lighting scenes in their smart home environment.

Head over to the latest technical blog on the Faradite website to learn more about the power of smart scene plate and take a look ‘under the hood’ of one of the most beautiful keypads on the market

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