LILIN UK are pleased to announce the release of IVS2.2, available on the new 2 and 3 series camera ranges to upgrade the standard IVS capabilities including Tripwire and Tamper Detection.

IVS2.2 provides both Human and Vehicle detection features, which can be used simultaneously or independently of the other to refine and reduce the frequency of motion alarms to specific scenarios.

IVS2.2 can be configured in a multiple ways, providing the client with plenty of flexibility to customise the solution to their requirements. Impose further limits on when an alarm is received, by using lines to create a zone in your scene or with your home automation system to only receive notifications between scheduled times.

A person approaching your front door in the day might not need to trigger an alarm- but it would at 2am!

Combine IVS2.2 with your home automation system to turn on lights, sound alarms or send push notifications to a mobile device.

The upgrade is available on all P2/Z2 and P3/Z3 cameras purchased after 17th May 2021- just request IVS2.2 at the time of placing your order!

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