Rithum introduces software update 2.0.0

This software update includes new Rithum Switch features, including variable fonts sizes, audio grouping, and whole range of climate control features called Rithum Stat.

Smart climate control with Rithum Stat: This is the brand’s climate control system which will shortly move out of beta and into general release. Out of the box, Rithum Switch users (earlier switch models do not have a temperature sensor built-in) will now have access to a full suite of climate control functions without the need for a third party integration from other smart heating systems.

From the main climate screen users can use the sliding scale to manually adjust the target temperature, or alternatively click the + and – manually to turn the climate system on and off. Users can also select individual zones or rooms from other climate integrations this means that you can have another climate integration such as Fibaro Climate or Tado alongside each other and alongside Rithum Stat. System users can also resume the schedule after any manual overrides.

Using the left tab users can navigate to a dedicated scheduling screen, which allows customers to plan their weekly climate needs with up to eight time and heating set points per day. The company says it is super easy to use, in each day add or remove time blocks with just a few taps, then the copy and paste feature allows users to copy one days setting to another.

Once a switch has updated to 2.0.0, simply navigate to Settings > Rithum Stat, to configure.

Just like being able to support multiple Scene or Media plugins, Rithum Switch now supports multiple climate integrations. This means that you can have another Climate integration such as Fibaro Climate or Tado alongside each other and alongside Rithum Stat.

With BluOS and Sonos audio integrations, users are now able to create and edit groups, which allows them to create a fully immersive audio experience across the whole home, an open plan zone, or just a single room. Once updated to 2.0.0, simply access via the new groups icon in the zone list on the Media screen.

Something that has been regularly requested by users is the ability to change the text size on the Scenes screen, this function is also now available. After the update has been installed navigate to Settings > Screens > Scenes Screen > Button Text Size and select from small, medium or large text sizes.

In case installers or users want to see what different screens have to offer, Rithum Switch now contains three demo plugins: Demo Scenes, Demo Media, and Demo Climate. Simply set them up like other plugins and you can play with their interfaces.

As with all our updates, it will be sent to you remotely and install automatically. Updates will be staged over the coming days so hold tight.

New distribution in Ireland

Rithum has also announced Peats as their latest Rithum Switch distributor for Ireland.

Peats offer a full suite of smart home products and solutions, including Sonos and Bluesound which Rithum integrate with, making them a great distribution partner. It also helps to extend the maker’s distribution reach which now covers the UK and Ireland, as well as multiple European territories.

The partnership between Rithum and Peats coincides with the the deployment of the software version 2.0.0.

Company CEO, Ryan Ovens, says: “We are very excited for the partnership between Peats and Rithum. As a distributor covering the full suite of smart home solutions for both the residential and commercial markets, they are a perfect fit for Rithum. We feel Rithum Switch compliments their product range and will give Irish integrators an alternative and more cost-effective control option.”

MD of Peats, Geoffrey Peat, adds, “We’re delighted to add the Rithum Switch to our growing range of key AV products and brands that we distribute. As the leading product in its market category the Rithum Switch fits perfectly into our ranging philosophy of offering our customers best in class solutions We’re very excited to be working closely with the Ryan and all the Rithum Switch team in developing sales in the Irish market and are looking forward to the time ahead. Pop into our Westlink showrooms and chat to our sales team to learn how the Rithum Switch can fit perfectly into any of your installation projects.”

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