Four new companies are set to use REELEX’s packing technology after signing a license with the company.

Zhaolong, ZTC, Sandmartin Electronic and The Siemon Company have all signed up to use REELEX’s technology.

The technology is a proprietary method of coiling wire or cable in a precision-wound figure-eight pattern.

REELEX is designed to dispense the coil from the inside-out, meaning there should not be any twists, tangles or inertia.

It is already widely used to package low-voltage cabling products; with companies signing the agreement able to use the packaging technology via speciality coiling equipment designed and manufactured by REELEX.

Speaking of the four new companies signing an agreement with REELEX, VP of business development, Timothy Copp, explains how this is the biggest number of signatories to sign up in the first half of a year since the company’s founding.

It comes after REELEX began an anti-knockoff campaign to prevent people from using products that do not use the company’s proprietary technology.

“Our ongoing anti-counterfeit campaign is aimed at increasing recognition of knockoff packaging versus genuine REELEX,” says Timothy.

“End-users are becoming more aware that products in genuine REELEX packaging are far less prone to tangles, knots and damage to the product and are demanding that their suppliers provide them with products in stress-free packaging.

“This, in conjunction with our technology being protected by patents and trademarks, we believe is having a positive effect in expanding the use of REELEX versus knockoff alternatives.”

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