Danish pick-up cartridge specialist, Ortofon A/S, has announced the immediate availability of its new Concorde Music cartridge range. 

Unveiled at the Munich High End show, Concorde Music has been designed to offer vinyl lovers a new, convenient cartridge option for tonearms with removable headshells. 

Though Ortofon’s Concorde-shaped cartridges are now considered the de facto standard in the DJ world, it is important to remember that the design started life as a hi-fi cartridge. 

First unveiled in 1979, Concorde cartridge was first designed to be a plug-and-play model that had a stylus with a lower mass than the VMS cartridges Ortofon were already producing. 

Today Concorde Music reintroduces the Concorde body shape to the hi-fi space, mirroring the 2M Series offering, but with its own unique characteristics.

Key features include the benefit of plug-and-play installation on tonearms with SME-style headshell mountings, Red, Blue, Bronze, Black and LVB 250 stylus options to suit different sound preferences, technical specifications and budgets, the same cartridge body and generator system throughout the range, for easy stylus upgrades in the future and a powerful 6mV output for easy system matching. 

Concorde Music is shipping in the UK now through authorised Ortofon stockists for the following prices:

Red: £129.00

Blue: £219.00

Bronze: £365.00

Black: £525.00

LVB250: £829.00

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