Developers can now upgrade heating systems across new build projects thanks to Smarther with Netatmo, a new flush mounted smart thermostat from Legrand.

Compatible with Legrand’s smart radiator valves, Smarther with Netatmo is a thermostat which can be flush or wall mounted, to offer a slick, high quality heating system. Flush mounting the system – using a versatile backbox – allows the thermostat to protrude by just 12.6mm from the surface of the wall.

Offering complete control through Legrand’s Home + Control app, it is compatible with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Alexa, allowing end users to have complete control of the heating through voice activation. Unlike many other smart thermostats available, Smarther with Netatmo is a wired device meaning batteries are not required.

Smarther with Netatmo allows users to set weekly schedules based on daily routines, while a new boost setting can turn the boiler on for 30, 60 or 90 minutes for immediate comfort.

Crucially, the smart thermostat is programmed to understand both how the home heats and the efficiency of the boiler. In essence, this means that it gathers an understanding as to how long the boiler requires before reaching optimum temperatures and, therefore, knows when to switch on to achieve the required levels of heating in a room. The results are presented in graphs, thanks to the energy consumption monitoring function of the app, to easily explain the impact of the heating system in the home.

Richard Hopkins, Lead Marketing Manager at Legrand UK & Ireland, comments: “Smarther with Netatmo has been designed to enable housebuilders to offer customers the very best smart thermostat system. Replacing traditional thermostats, its compatibility with other smart home devices, such as smart radiator valves, means that end users can benefit from a number of energy saving settings.

“Available in two different colours, the thermostat can be controlled remotely, meaning heating can be turned on or off while away from the premises. It’s a fantastic new addition to our ever-growing range of home automation systems.”

Smarther with Netatmo joins Legrand’s growing range of smart home products, falling under the recently-launched User Interface business model.

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